Close Quarters Combat

Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

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Safety level of engagement: Low

Combat skill required at this distance: High

Percent chance of infection at this range: 30-50%

Close quarters combat (CQC) is defined as engagement with the walking dead within a one foot (.3 meters) range between opponents. Combat at this distance frequently occurs indoors, and many times unexpectedly.

Two common scenarios when CQC takes place are during undead home invasions and an urban search and rescue (USAR) operations in an apartment or housing complex. Due to the proximity with the undead and the confined space where it usually takes place, it is a frightening and deadly range to battle the undead.

At this range, the zombie most likely will have its hands on your body, and will be seconds away from a lethal bite. In order to survive at this distance, your skills need to be razor-sharp and your execution flawless.