Multiple Attackers

Multiple Attackers

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During a zombie outbreak, it is not only possible, but almost certain that you will face multiple undead assailants at the same time. Do not take this to mean that zombies exhibit any semblance of a herd or pack mentality. Every ghoul is its own singular entity – it does not follow leaders, give or obey orders, or form alliances with other living, dead, or undead creatures.

Why then, do hordes of walking dead seem to cluster themselves together in mob-like behavior? The answer is simple – that is where the food is. Additionally, zombies have been known to recognize the moan of another ghoul as a signal that prey is nearby. They will then turn to follow the direction of said moan, eventually bunching in a packed swarm of shambling, fetid and voracious corpses.

Just as we detail strategies for handling single undead combatants, there are specific tactics you can utilize when facing a group of zombies. Battling a cluster of walking dead with a non-ballistic weapon is a very dangerous venture to undertake. Depending on your level of strength and skill, it is recommended that you only engage with crowds numbering in 10 or fewer ghouls.

For attack groups larger than 10, evasion and escape (E&E) is a more practical and safer alternative, as the combat strategies may be difficult to employ with larger groups of undead. Evasion is also the preferred tactic if you notice more zombies in the distance closing in on your position. By the time you have eliminated one group, you may then have to engage with another, only in a more weary, exhausted condition.

If escape is not possible, and the only means of survival is to eliminate every zombie in your immediate vicinity, study the briefings in this section to make your engagement smooth, efficient, and as quick as possible.